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your company on a path towards the future!

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to Gaal Trading

Gaal Trading offers excellent solutions to companies who want to create an international brand, export their products worldwide or to start purchasing supplies from an international market. We are known by our customers and partners for quality, efficiency and agility, combined with fair prices.   

Cargo Shipping Containers

A Globalized World

Beyond theory, to export and import means your company will be open to markets worldwide and you can count on Gaal Trading’s full support and expertise to guide your company through the entire process.

Through innovation, transparency, and trust we will help move your company on a path towards the future!


Why we existe  



Our main commitment is to our customers’ satisfaction and to accomplish that, we work in an integrated way, encompassing all international trade operations. We are ready to develop, create and support our customers, carefully attending to their needs, so they can achieve success in their operating market.
Focus and Believe, this is our way!


Our mission is to promote the process of importing and exporting goods and services worldwide. We provide consulting services and advice to companies who want to open doors to new markets. We help our customers to become stronger and more competitive, both in the international and domestic markets, through our expertise and the quality of services we provide. 


Win customers and partners over through the reliability of our services and provide opportunities to our employees and customers to develop creative new businesses through a strong and lasting relationship.


Business excellence
Respect for life
Honesty and Integrity
Ethics and transparency
Professional development (Quality employability)
Efficient Communication
Social responsibility

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Gaal Trading and Santos Pride are part of the Santos Pride’s group. Together these two companies form a specialized group in International Trade and Logistics and Internationalization of goods and brands.

Visit the Santos Pride website and get to know more about the company that developed solid partnerships with international agents on main ports and airports around the world, ensuring high-quality service support.




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Internationalization of companies


Gaal Trading will advise you on the import and export processes so your company can make your international negotiations with peace of mind and expand your operating market.

Executivos Mingling



Trade Representative

According to your goods or services needs we research the best ways for your product to be known and competitive in the international market. We promote your sales, adapt your products, add value to your goods through marketing and ideal logistics studies to guarantee that exporting your product is viable.
The international market means that your product will be open to other levels of consumption and that is why we want to share structure and knowledge so your product will be distributed and known beyond Brazilian borders.

Navio de carga no porto


Import & export company


We export and/or import your goods by Account and Order, which means, you will stay focused on your mains activities (your Core Business). We offer our services, assuming all bureaucratic Customs and Logistics processes, collecting and delivering your goods, in a practical way, to the places hired in your negotiations.

We are a team of specialized and focused professionals, assuring operational progress while providing convenience and eliminating risks.

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Exporting is easier

than you think!

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Internacionalização de marcas
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Contact us

Senador Feijó Avenue 686 - 17º Floor, Room 1719

Vila Mathias - Santos - São Paulo - Brazil 

Zip code 11015-504

Phone: +55 13  3219 1516

Thank you!

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